Acquainted with music during the Tarsus American College years, he lead the school's band Echo’83 at the age of 15. Later in 1983 the name of the group was changed to Mavi Sakal when all the members graduated from the high school.

From 1983 to 1994 he was te lead singer and guitarist of Mavi Sakal. In 1992, they released theis first album "Cektir Git" and in 1993 "Mavi Sakal 2" their second album. In 1993, the song "Cektir Git" from the second album, aving the same name with the first album, remained No. 2 in charts for 42 consecutive weeks.

In 1995, he left the group to focus on his solo career . He released two solo albums one in 1995, "Yat, geliyorum" and the second in 1997 "Kalk Gidiyorum" . "Yat Geliyorum" was chosen the best song of the year. In 1997, his "Bosuna Yillar” became the second most played in radio stations troughout the country. In 1998, he joied the Shirataka Music Festival in Japan.

He formed the Gece Band with Australians in Australia in 1999 to cover classic Turkish folk songs in the world music style. "Gece" band participated in numerous festivals with concerts including a reception in honor of the Victoria prime minister.

He produced a Turkish folk album in Melbourne, for Ismet.

He formed a Turkish Greek band with Turkey Turks, Greece Greeks and Cypriots of Turkish and Greek origins to tour Cyprus, Turkey and Greece to sing Turkish/Greek songs.

He returned to Turkey from Australia in 2003. He started giving lessond in a university on acostic physics and studio teqniques. He produced the successful Zardanadam band album called Dibini Gor in 2005.

He reformed the old band Mavi Sakal in 2006 and published "Son... ki..beş..on" single and "Yeniden" album. He torued Turkey after the album.

He became the classic Rock’N’Roll icon of the country with his pure Rock’N’Roll band to tour the country and take part in huge festivals.

Since 2011, he has been organizing the Musicians@Work festivals where only musicians with other full time jobs were allowed to perform.

He acted as jury for Vodafonefreezone High School Battle Of The Bands in 2011 and 2012 did.

His third solo album Kiskac was released in 2012. It was elected the 4th best album of the year on the internet. Regards..